Easyfind by Nova Find

With the Nova Find lost property software, you offer your citizens, passengers and employees a contemporary service at the highest level. The focus is on sophisticated search technology, high return rates, simple management of found objects, reduced communication costs and short storage times to reduce storage costs. But above all: networked online search in all participating databases.

easyfind by Nova Find

Seven European countries are already using our funds service.



Lost property offices in Europe use the easyfind lost property service.


30 million

citizens use our service.

How it works ?

More than 2,500 lost property offices in Europe are part of the largest network of lost property services in Europe. Cities, communities and organisations such as the SBB and many others make networked search possible for you.

Thanks to easyfind.ch your lost items find their way back.


Information on the SIK Framework Agreement

The majority of the tasks of the Swiss IT Conference (SIK) will be performed by the Swiss Digital Administration as of 1 January 2022.

The SIK framework agreement calculates the prices based on the number of inhabitants. Currently the price is 60 CHF/ 1,000 inhabitants - but at least 300 CHF! For a concrete offer, please contact our team!

Nova Find for Transport companies

We are the №1 in Lost & Found for transport companies
With the Nova Find lost property software, you can offer your passengers and staff service at the highest level.

Lost property law: extract from the civil code

The Lost and Found podcast

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