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  • If the found object does not indicate the owner, hand it in at the nearest lost property office or the police.
  • Haben Sie den Gegenstand in einem bewohnten Haus oder in einer dem öffentlichen Gebrauch oder Verkehr dienenden Anstalt gefunden, geben Sie den Fund dem Hausherrn oder den mit der Aufsicht betrauten Personen.
  • If you find objects on trains or at stations or stops, please hand them in to the staff of the railway (e.g. SBB) or the relevant transport company.
  • You can find the exact legal regulations in the Civil Code from Art. 720 read up.

    For Liechtenstein, the following laws apply to finders:

    Art. 191 Property law
    If the owner of a lost property cannot be determined, the finder acquires the lost property after five years.

    If the item is returned to the owner, the finder is entitled to compensation for all expenses as well as a finder's reward.
    In the event of a find in an inhabited house or in an institution serving public use or traffic, the owner of the house, the tenant or the institution shall be deemed to be the finder, but shall not be entitled to a finder's reward.

    Art. 69 Ordinance on the Law of Property
    The finder's fee is 10% of the value of the lost property.

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